Japanese-American blogger Melodee Morita shares her most-wanted list for Fall

As a US-based lifestyle blogger and TV personality, Melodee Morita needs to stay on top of the latest trends in fashion and beauty. This Fall, skincare is especially important to maintain the dewy look of the season. Melodee shares her Fall skincare and beauty plan below.

Staying Stylish
"I rarely wear eyeshadow, but I'm actually excited about trying metallic eyeshadows this Fall!" says Melodee. "Reflective and glossy eyes are going to be in this season, and it'll be a great way to change up my look. Colors like gold and copper compliment any eye color and go well with Fall fashion."

On her fashion shopping list? "Accessories like wide-brimmed hats and scarves, stylish boots, and a chic leather jacket!"

Summer Blues
"A lot of people neglect sunscreen once summer is over, but I make sure to continue using my sunscreen daily and encourage everyone to as well in order to prevent skin aging and sun damage."

SK-II recommends: Cellumination Day Surge UV

More Moisturizer
"As the season transitions to Fall, I notice that my skin gets slightly drier," she says. "I love to have a dewy and fresh complexion, so I make sure to moisturize well and use Facial Treatment Repair C to make sure I treat any areas that get dry or red."

Cellumination Aura Essence has been wonderful for pampering my skin.

Reflective and glossy eyes are a great way to change up my look.

SK-II Most Wanted
"I would love to try Cellumination Deep Surge EX because I think it will be a great product for brightening, whitening, and achieving crystal clear skin!" says Melodee. "I have been using Cellumination Aura Essence and absolutely love the light texture and amazing hydration it has. It's very pleasant to use and has been wonderful for pampering my skin, so I believe the cream would be great to use for the colder months."

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